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A Wild in Art event in support of St Luke's Hospice.


The Details

Name: Ellie-Mentary

Location: Mayflower Steps/Leviathan

Sponsor: Wolferstans

Artist: Mik Richardson

Design Inspiration

Mik finished in the RAF as an instructor in 2006, and his career took an amazing 180° turn. Since then Mik has completed over 400 murals and held 300 graffiti workshops working for various schools, youth groups and companies such as NR5 Future project, Creative Arts East, The BBC, Broadland & North Norfolk Councils, Northampton, Kings Lynn and Lincolnshire county councils, Connexions, The Norfolk Police, Break Charity and many others. Mik first got involved with Wild in Art in 2008, on one of the early trails called GoGo Elephants, in Norwich. He was involved with 7 of the sculptures, and from that moment, he was bitten by the Wild in Art bug. Since then Mik has produced 57 Wild in Art sculptures, on 20 trails, plus a couple of personal commissions, raising just over £210,000 for charities.

Elmer's Big Parade Plymouth

Elmer's Big Parade Plymouth