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A Wild in Art event in support of St Luke's Hospice.

Compass Rosie

The Details

Name: Compass Rosie

Location: St Andrew's Cross/Royal Parade

Sponsor: Devon and Plymouth Chamber of Commerce

Artist: Anne-Marie Bryne

Design Inspiration

Anne-Marie is a Suffolk-based artist, an ex-archaeologist and civil servant. Anne-Marie rediscovered her artistic roots when Pigs Gone Wild trail came to Ipswich in 2016. She has participated in several trails around the UK, painting lions, sun bears, hares, giraffes, bees, ducks and otters. She also painted a Van Gogh inspired car that went all the way to Monte Carlo in a charity rally. When not painting, Anne-Marie creates digital art and writes fiction.

Elmer's Big Parade Plymouth

Elmer's Big Parade Plymouth