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We were inundated with artists who wanted to join the Elmer’s Big Parade Plymouth herd. We had over 180 original designs submitted, so it was a tough call to select the final 40. The artists are from throughout the UK and range from well-known names to aspiring art students. Here are the Elmer Big Parade Plymouth artists, find out about their inspiration and involvement.




Maria Burns

Maria Burns is an illustrator and graphic designer based on the Jurassic Coast of Dorset. She draws .... Read more

Megan Heather Evans

Megan is a Birmingham based tattooist and artist. After completing her Fine Art degree at Birmingham.... Read more

Michelle Turton

Michelle decorated the most well known of our Elmers - our patchwork 'Travelling Elmer'. This Elmer .... Read more

Mik Richardson

Mik finished in the RAF as an instructor in 2006, and his career took an amazing 180° turn. Since t.... Read more


MrASingh is an award-winning artist and digital influencer from Birmingham. He creates his intricate.... Read more

Naomi Batts

Naomi is an illustrator based in Plymouth. After studying Illustration at Plymouth University, she c.... Read more

Paul Bird

Paul Bird is a graphic designer, problem solver and avid surfer. Paul’s Elmer is a celebration of .... Read more

Rachel Blackwell

Rachel specialises in painting magical landscapes which draw the mind away into an enchanted realm..... Read more

Sally Adams

Formerly a London prop maker, Sally has worked on countless projects over the years, including four .... Read more

Steve Evans

A Westcountry born freelance book designer and illustrator, Steve Evans has many years experience wo.... Read more

Traci Moss

Traci Moss is a Sussex based artist working on painting and sculpture commissions, while running fun.... Read more

Yvonne Coomber

Yvonne Coomber is a contemporary British artist and ambassador for wildflowers and plants. She train.... Read more
Elmer's Big Parade Plymouth

Elmer's Big Parade Plymouth