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We were inundated with artists who wanted to join the Elmer’s Big Parade Plymouth herd. We had over 180 original designs submitted, so it was a tough call to select the final 40. The artists are from throughout the UK and range from well-known names to aspiring art students. Here are the Elmer Big Parade Plymouth artists, find out about their inspiration and involvement.




Andy Jack Nash

Andy is a local Barbican based artist, illustrator and animator who lives in Plymouth. After enjoyin.... Read more

Anne-Marie Byrne

Anne-Marie is a Suffolk-based artist, an ex-archaeologist and civil servant. Anne-Marie rediscovered.... Read more

Arth Lawr

For Plymouth artist Arth Lawr painting is a much-loved obsession and believes it provides a daily op.... Read more

Betti Moretti

Betti Moretti is Worcestershire Poet Laureate 2018-19. She’s also an explorer (in her dreams!) and.... Read more

Brian Pollard

Brian Pollard has lived and worked in Plymouth for over 40 years. He paints in a naïve style using .... Read more

Caroline Coates

Caroline Coates is an artist who is inspired by working with people. She is an illustrator, communit.... Read more

Cecily Goff

Cecily is a South West based illustrator currently studying at Plymouth College of Art who can be fo.... Read more

Charlotte Leadley

Charlotte Leadley is an emerging illustrator whose distinctive work can be defined by playful use of.... Read more

Colin Pethick

Colin Pethick is a fine art painter and freelance art tutor based in the Tamar valley. He was born i.... Read more

Dave Smith

Dave is an illustrator based in Plymouth, and has been colouring-in things professionally for over t.... Read more

Donatienne Borione

Donatienne Borione is a 21 year old illustrator currently studying at Plymouth College of Art. Origi.... Read more

Donna Newman

Donna Newman is a mural artist working in the Birmingham area. She has been working in schools for o.... Read more
Elmer's Big Parade Plymouth

Elmer's Big Parade Plymouth